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Indiya Online Shopping has been launched by Indiya Online IT Solutions with the tag line “we help you buy!”. It efficiently and successfully runs Indiya online’s News and Indiya Online IT Solutions operations in India!

We offer our customers over 6000 products across many categories in a world-class ambiance and our offerings are growing every day. These categories include Phones, Camera, Computers, Entertainment, Home Appliance, Kitchen Appliance, Gaming and Accessories. Great products from some of the best brands ensure you an exciting shopping experience.

Our own label by the name of Indiya online shopping is well recognized for offering innovative and unique products that are hard to find. A diverse range of merchandise in various categories like kitchen appliances, storage devices, MP4 players, air conditioners & lot more ensures you only the best. From the wide range of  branded products, you are bound to find something great that will match up to your budget as well as personal requirements.

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At indiya online shopping, our endeavor has always been fulfilling every electronic requirement by helping customers choose the best product, as per their needs. indiya online’s efficient, well-trained and knowledgeable store advisors are completely equipped to offer sound and personalized advice for helping a customer receive the best value for money. Making shopping experience delightful post purchase is the foundation for investing in a robust customer service support at indiya online.  Our Authorized Croma Care Centre provides after sales support for all Croma branded products

Ecommerce is our latest venture to achieve yet another important goal, which is to bring customer the best shopping experience on the go & reach every door step in the nation. With you can now explore, browse and purchase from the finest and the most varied range of electronic products in the comfort of your home. Well structured product information, great deals and swift home delivery service are our priority for customer’s satisfying shopping experience.And our primary motto is to distribute good quality products at very affordable prices all over India and most importantly to boost the distribution of Indian made products.

The indiya online is committed to benefit the economic development of the countries in which it operates. No indiya online company shall undertake any project or activity to the detriment of the wider interests of the communities in which it operates.

A indiya online’s management practices and business conduct shall benefit the country, localities and communities in which it operates, to the extent possible and affordable, and shall be in accordance with the laws of the land.

A indiya online company, in the course of its business activities ,shall respect the culture, customs and traditions of each country and region in which it operates. It shall conform to trade procedures, including licensing, documentation and other necessary formalities, as applicable.

A indiya online company shall prepare and maintain its accounts fairly and accurately and in accordance with the accounting and financial reporting standards which represent the generally accepted guidelines, principles, standards, laws and regulations of the country in which the company conducts its business affairs.

Internal accounting and audit procedures shall reflect, fairly and accurately, all of the company’s business transactions and disposition of assets, and shall have internal controls to provide assurance to the company’s board and shareholders that the transactions are accurate and legitimate. All required information shall be accessible to company auditors and other authorised parties and government agencies.There shall be no willful omissions of any company transactions from the books and records, no advance-income recognition and no hidden bank account and funds.

Any willful, material misrepresentation of and / or misinformation on the financial accounts and reports shall be regarded as a violation of the Code, apart from inviting appropriate civil or criminal action under the relevant laws. No employee shall make, authorize, abet or collude in an improper payment, unlawful commission or bribing.

A indiya online company shall fully support the development and operation of competitive open markets and shall promote the liberalization of trade and investment in each country and market in which it operates. Specifically, no indiya online company or employee shall engage in restrictive trade practices, abuse of market dominance or similar unfair trade activities.

A indiya online company or employee shall market the company’s products and services on their own merits and shall not make unfair and misleading statements about competitors’ products and services. Any collection of competitive information shall be made only in the normal course of business and shall be obtained only through legally permitted sources and means.

A indiya online company shall provide equal opportunities to all its employees and all qualified applicants for employment without regard to their race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability.

Human resource policies shall promote diversity and equality in the workplace, as well as compliance with all local labour laws, while encouraging the adoption of international best practices.

Employees of a indiya online company shall be treated with dignity and in accordance with the indiya online policy of maintaining a work environment free of all forms of harassment, whether physical, verbal or psychological. Employee policies and practices shall be administered in a manner consistent with applicable laws and other provisions of this Code, respect for the right to privacy and the right to be heard, and that in all matters equal opportunity is provided to those eligible and decisions are based on merit.

A indiya online company and its employees shall neither receive nor offer or make, directly or indirectly, any illegal payments, remuneration, gifts, donations or comparable benefits that are intended, or perceived, to obtain uncompetitive favours for the conduct of its business. The company shall cooperate with governmental authorities in efforts to eliminate all forms of bribery, fraud and corruption.

However, a indiya online company and its employees may, with full disclosure, accept and offer nominal gifts, provided such gifts are customarily given and / or are of a commemorative nature. Each company shall have a policy to clarify its rules and regulations on gifts and entertainment, to be used for the guidance of its employees.

A indiya online company and its employees shall not , unless mandated under applicable laws, offer or give any company funds or property as donation to any government agency or its representative, directly or through intermediaries, in order to obtain any favourable performance of official duties. A indiya online company shall comply with government procurement regulations and shall be transparent in all its dealings with government agencies.

A indiya online company shall be committed to supply goods and services of world class quality standards , backed by after-sales services consistent with the requirements of its customers, while striving for their total satisfaction. The quality standards of the company’s goods and services shall meet applicable national and international standards.

A indiya online company shall display adequate health and safety labels, caveats and other necessary information on its product packaging.

A indiya online company shall be committed to good corporate citizenship, not only in the compliance of all relevant laws and regulations but also by actively assisting in the improvement of quality of life of the people in the communities in which it operates. The company shall encourage volunteering by its employees and collaboration with community groups.

Indiya online companies are also encouraged to develop systematic processes and conduct management reviews, as stated in the indiya online ‘corporate sustainability protocol,’ from time to time so as to set strategic direction for social development activity.

The company shall not treat these activities as optional, but should strive to incorporate them as an integral part of its business plan.



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